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Aluminium Vertical Access Cat Ladder Kits - Parapet Crossover

Aluminium Fixed Vertical Access Cat Ladders with Hoops and parapet crossovers in kit form. 

Flexible, easy-to-install and manufactured to EN 14122-4, our modular fixed ladder system offers an unrivalled number of design options.

Available in a number of preset kits of varying heights for ease of ordering. Just pick the size nearest the size you need and cut the ladder down to the exact requirement.

The kits come with all the parts needed, if you require any additional features or modifications such as access barriers (climb restrictors) please contact us as these components replace parts of the originl kit.

Component example 3600mm kit (1 x 2.8m ladder section, 6 x wall hooks, 1 x cage clamp for exit, 2 x cage clamps, 5 x cage braces, 1 x exit with crossover bridge, 1 x diagonal brace) 

Standard parapet length 725mm

Safety Barrier gate option available for crossover bridge.

Delivery approx - 3-5 working days

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PRICE FROM £1,085.45
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  • Modular design for rapid assembly and install on site
  • All screws and nuts are pre-installed inside the components so no more searching for lost fixings
  • The safety cage straps are G profile into which the hammer head bolts are easily inserted after installing the ladder structure
  • For special requirements, we provide a comprehensive product range and countless accessories so that you can always find the right solution for you
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